Call one of our qualified rental managers today to begin a new chapter in your life. No more dealing with the everyday demands of your tenants, just collect your check every month and leave the work to us! We have vendors that we like to use and handy men who can complete small repairs.

Tenants please see for homes available now.

Price List

1/2 First Month's Rent Collected

Services include:

  • Advertising Property
  • Showing to prospects

10% Every Month Thereafter

Services include:

  • Collection of rent
  • Arranging for repairs
  • Paying vendors
  • Monthly Owner's Invoice
  • Evictions and collections

Quarterly Inspection $15.00 per unit

Services include:

  • Inspect unit for damages or needed repairs
  • Spray for pests
  • Change or clean a/c filter

Court costs and certified mail costs associated with evictions shall be deducted from tenant's deposit.

Large projects over $250 in scope shall be approved by the owner. Overseeing these projects shall be 25% of the project cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we qualify a tenant?
We charge a $30 application fee per person to the prospective tenant and run a credit and criminal background check. We call former Landlords, and rely on our "gut" opinion of the prospective tenant.

How do we determine the amount of rent to charge?
We conduct market research in your area to determine what the market will bear.

What time of the month will Landlords receive invoices?
The goal is to have all invoices to Landlords by the 10th of the month, but are completed as quickly as possible.